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Special Libraries

Preserving our nation’s collections, on time and on budget.

When manpower, expertise, and funding are in short supply, special libraries such as those in the federal government turn to Library Systems & Services for critical project support.

For over 30 years, we’ve leveraged our experience to inventory, manage and safeguard some of the country’s most important materials for researchers and future generations. Working with organizations like the Library of Congress and Smithsonian Institute Libraries, LS&S efficiently deploys the technology, personnel, and resources necessary to keep federal projects on target.

Multiply your library’s
effectiveness WITH LS&S

Our experienced support staff can bring expertise and manpower to any library project. By contracting LS&S, federal libraries can complete difficult tasks faster and more efficiently than straining already busy in-house librarians.

  • Materials digitization
  • Digital asset management
  • Barcoding/RFID implementation
  • Collections management
  • Cataloging
  • Archival services
  • Rare and classified document handling
  • Staff augmentation

How LS&S supports the Library of Congress

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Retrospective Holdings Integrity Program

LS&S reviews, catalogs, and shelves hundreds of thousands of items according to LOC protocols.
Using the Voyager ILS, we update material records including BREC, HREC, IREC before handling physical relocation.

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Additional Service Copy Program

Limited space means duplicates must be distributed wisely. LS&S processes numerous items including their secure transport to the Surplus Books Program. This alleviates stack overcrowding and eliminates the need for additional storage.

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Microfilm Inventory

The MIP is charged with the handling of approximately 380,000 master negative reels in microfilm. Here, we support LOC with the creation and updating of holdings and item records while identifying serials for the Adams Building and Landover facility.

Our work for Smithsonian
Institute Libraries

LS&S handles all cataloging functions for Smithsonian Institute Libraries, providing valuable support for an organization that does not have the staffing capabilities to take on this enormous task internally.

Working at multiple Smithsonian locations, including the National Portrait Gallery, we catalog in MARC record formats in strict compliance with AACR2 rules, RDA, and LOC classification and subject headings.