Providing a safe, attractive environment for patrons remains an important part of a library’s mission. With 75 libraries under management, LS&S is uniquely qualified when it comes to facilities planning - from high-impact, low-cost enhancements to major capital improvements. LS&S identifies opportunities to lower utility costs, improve security, simplify discovery of sections and materials, and maximize use of idle space. LS&S customizes a strategy to ensure your library is a desirable and high-functioning facility that aligns with your resources and identifies where additional funding may be necessary to accomplish this goal.


Achieving long-term planning while enabling librarians to continue performing daily functions is essential to today’s library. The LS&S methodology leverages assessment and patron data, as well as industry best practices to offer recommendations that lead to greater efficiency and enhanced outcomes.

From consolidating back-office activities and increasing hours of operations to providing comprehensive onboarding, mentoring and concierge-like training, LS&S focuses on enhancing the patron experience and optimizing library operations. Proven insight to increase program participation, marketing to attract visitors, and fostering community relations are all part of the expertise that LS&S offers. Implementation of an LS&S plan means essential audiences understand the tangible importance of your library and will invest in its future.


Since technology plays an increasingly important role in the library experience, it is critical to make sure the technology infrastructure is well managed and innovative. A hallmark of LS&S, technology planning ensures that libraries have the level of LMS integration, security, data storage and maintenance required. Whether implementing virtual desktop and cloud-based applications, or simply improving existing networks and wireless/Wi-Fi services, LS&S creates a plan to meet your goals.

Included are strategies for renegotiating vendor service agreements to guarantee timely resolution of issues, guidance on mobile development, patron apps, and beacon technology, all focused on the latest innovations and a great user experience.


Determining what materials to obtain, keep, promote and discard requires the right mix of analysis and intuition. Leveraging demographic, preference and trend data, LS&S collection experts help libraries build and maintain inventory to match community’s requirements. Using proprietary analysis tools, LS&S builds selections—books, e-books, videos, movies, games and more—based on circulation and underuse.

Beyond just assets, this expertise extends to the entire lifecycle of materials. LS&S provides recommendations on displays and emphasizes collection highlights and merchandising techniques to increase engagement. Further, LS&S develops policies on when to replace materials, enabling libraries to anticipate needs and manage collections with greater efficiency.