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Case Studies

Community Impact

Osceola Library

Osceola, FL

Fallout from the 2008 recession left Osceola County, FL leaders with a choice: Reduce library hours and collection or find a new way. They chose partnership with LS&S and the results speak for themselves. Adult visits up 211%, programs up 142% and collection budget up 35%.

“$1.2M in savings…You can’t ask for a better partner than LS&S.”

- Fred Hawkins, Jr., Osceola County Chairman and District 5 Osceola County Commissioner

Escondido Library

Escondido, CA

In 2017, Escondido, CA leaders faced budget pressure while a report suggested library service could be improved. City leadership felt it was their duty to deliver a financially responsible, excellent quality solution. Partnership with LS&S saved $4M over ten years with visits up 21%, program attendance up 97% and total programs up 60%.

“With LS&S, continuous improvement, efficiency and innovation are the standard. We have already been able to realize these benefits and clearly see how the partnership enables us to tackle the challenges of today and tomorrow.”

- Jeffrey Epp, Escondido City Manager

Sumter Library

Sumter County, FL

For the commissioners of Sumter County, delivering on the promise of world-class service means finding outside partners to help the local government fulfill its mission of providing outstanding service at the best value. Partnership with LS&S increased circulation by 86%, adult program attendance by 75% and total number of programs offered by 12%.

“We want to save money, but ultimately our focus is on improving services for our residents.”

- Bradley Arnolds, Sumter County Administrator

Farmers Branch Library

Farmers Branch, TX

Service delivery, efficiency and cost have always been important to the city of Farmers Branch. In 2010 when the Library was facing budget and service delivery challenges, the City took a critical step to balancing these priorities. As a result, the Library has revitalized the community and offers a rallying point for the passion, vision, and active participation of its residents.

“When it's obvious that the library runs better with a private company, then it would be illogical to do anything other than that.”

- Jennifer Hudson Allen, Library Board Member

Germantown Library

Germantown, TN

Germantown Community Library met the basic requirements of library service but not the specific needs of its community. City leadership wanted the Library to better represent its constituents and made a decision to operate it locally, resulting in the Library becoming a valued municipal asset with more cardholders, programs and program attendees.

“LS&S has been a key impact catalyst in the modernization and revitalization of the Germantown Community Library.”

- Don Riley, President Friends of the Library