Cybrarium: The Library of the Future

Homestead Station, a new entertainment megaplex in Southern Miami-Dade, FL, is a major revitalization project that will feature a one of its kind digital library – the Cybraruim. LS&S is proud to partner with the City of Homestead to operate its library of the future.

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Optimizing Community Impact Through Partnership

Innovative cities and counties across the country are successfully leveraging a proven partnership model to optimize impact for patrons and the community while decreasing cost. Benefits and misunderstandings are plentiful so it’s important to know the facts.


Makerspaces Foster Community Innovation & Outcomes

Modern makerspaces play a significant role in helping libraries succeed by providing value to communities. In addition to enhancing patron experience, opportunities to support educational and economic development efforts abound.


Community Impact

Do you know the magnitude of public library impact on communities? Do you know the most unexpected driver of community growth? Watch this 2-minute video.

Library Expertise & Success

Leveraging more than three decades of experience in library best practices and efficient service-oriented methods, LS&S delivers library excellence to better reach, engage and grow communities.

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