The Trend: Strong Libraries = Strong Communities

Innovative local government leaders are reducing cost, enhancing services and driving significant community impact through their libraries. Check out the results that four communities have experienced.

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Cybrarium: Breaking the Mold of Traditional Learning

The Cybrarium is a one-of-a-kind, ultra-modern, multi-floor public library featuring innovative technology and immersive attractions, including a Children’s Theater, Steampunk Lounge, VR Cube, 3D Printer, Makerspace and much more.

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How Modern Libraries Boost Local Economy

Public libraries are top contributors to economic and community health and yield huge returns on investment, presenting leaders with a tremendous opportunity. Explore four ways libraries boost local economy.


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Community Impact

Do you know the magnitude of public library impact on communities? Do you know the most unexpected driver of community growth? Watch this 2-minute video.

Library Expertise & Success

Leveraging more than three decades of experience in library best practices and efficient service-oriented methods, LS&S delivers library excellence to better reach, engage and grow communities.

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